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GSEF Virtual Series 2021 continue in its new format of highly focused online events and present the second virtual conference Semiconductor Innovation: More than Moore and moving to the edge.

As more processing is pushed to the edge, the data from automobiles, robots, drones, and smart devices will increasingly be processed in-device. This distributed model will help reduce network congestion and cyber threats. These integrated application-specific design solutions will require different approaches to device scaling to be successful.

In this spotlight conference through case studies, presentations, panel discussions, interviews and Q&A sessions we will cover more than Moore evolution, edge computing, edge AI chips, advanced fab processing, metrology/inspection and advanced testing and heterogeneous integration.

The event will enable you to build new partnerships, identify more contacts, exchange ideas and initiatives with a targeted audience of companies and delegates who influence change and development across the semiconductor value chain.


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KEYNOTE: The driving forces behind edge computing and the more than Moore evolution

  • Evaluating the sustainability of continued scaling in semiconductor manufacturing
  • How the industry is innovating to meet the challenge of growing markets
  • The intuitive technology enabling more than Moore devices
Mark Papermaster, CTO, AMD


Ruurd Boomsma, CTO, BESI                 

PANEL DISCUSSION: The generation and use of data in fab processing

  • How can processes be streamlined using big data?
  • What are the data requirements for advanced fab processing?
  • How can AI & ML be utilised in advanced fab processing?
  • Creating a roadmap for big data efficiently to enable predictive maintenance and improve OEE
Balachandran Rajendran, Chief Technology Officer, EDA/Semiconductor, Dell EMC
Raj Narasimhan, Corporate VP of Global Quality, Micron Technology

Networking Break


INTERVIEW: The rise of the edge AI chip industry

  • Unpacking the evolution of AI chips tech stack and their impact on the market
  • Next gen accelerators and the roadblocks for training and inference hardware
  • Predicting the future of expanding application frameworks for building AI services

PRESENTATION: More than Moore and heterogeneous integration through packaging: unleashing opportunities for the semiconductor ecosystem

  • The explosive growth in data driven by data centric transformation, the artificial intelligence and cloud computing driving IC technology and business growth
  • Heterogenous integration through packaging and the critical role it plays in delivering complex and high-performance computing platforms
  • The opportunities and challenges ahead for the equipment and manufacturing ecosystems
Islam Salama,Vice President,Intel

CASE STUDY: Advanced testing and heterogeneous integration

Paul van Ulsen, CEO, Salland Engineering        

CLOSING KEYNOTE: Increased opportunities for smart semiconductor tech at the edge

  • Outlining the factors behind edge computing and the cloud
  • Considering how advances in lithography enable the industry to meet wafer demand
  • How is 5G driving edge computing and leading the more than Moore evolution?


Balachandran Rajendran

Chief Technology Officer, EDA/Semiconductor

Dell EMC

Islam Salama

Vice President


Ruurd Boomsma



Paul van Ulsen


Sallander Engineering

Raj Narasimhan

Corporate Vice President of Global Quality

Micron Technology

Mark Papermaster

Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President


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